Servicing - Helping you to progress faster

Many ski hire shops only use sand paper belts to maintain their skis, producing a low quality finish that harms the skis ability to slide and turn, holding back your improvement.

All our equipment is regularly serviced to a high standard. The processes that we use to maintain the skis are the same as those used to finish the skis when they are made in the factory.

Stone Grinding is a process that prints a distinct milli-metric pattern onto the base of the ski improving the way the ski moves across the snow. This helps with the maneuverability of the ski, making the skis easier to control, and where necessary, faster!

Stone grinding machine

Ceramic Edging produces constant, and hardwearing edges that apart from improving turning and stopping power, also allows the ski to move without catching at the wrong time.

Ceramic edging machine

WaxJet Hot Waxing impregnates the base with wax to further improve its slide qualities. The edges can also be polished on this machine.

Hot waxing machine

These processes help skiers of all levels whether you are a beginner, an improver, cruiser or an adrenaline junkie. They are designed to maximize your enjoyment of snow sports!

Wintersteiger - We use Wintersteiger machinery, an industry benchmark

If you would like your own equipment serviced then please visit our shop for a quote as we price on a case-by-case basis. €35 will usually cover a full service including a high quality wax.